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14 August 2006 @ 07:29 pm
A follow-up to my previous post, in the slc community - more from my newest guilty pleasure Wikipidia.

"We cannot preserve the loyalty and political integrity of our students and teachers by congressional investigation. We can only paralyze their will to think independently and to act politically. It is the proper function of boards of trustees to protect the educational system from political control by the Government. If education is conceived as a means of telling students what to think and making sure that they think it, this is the most un-American activity of all." 

Harold Taylor, President of Sarah Lawrence, 19451959

"Sarah Lawrence is a noble intellectual community." 

Komozi Woodard, Biographer

"Schoenberg and Webern she'd studied at Sarah Lawrence and all that, and I didn't know any of that stuff, and she was turning me on to it, even Bertolt Brecht."

John Lennon, commenting, on the day of his death, on Yoko Ono's influence on his song, "Woman is the Nigger of the World."

"A Sarah Lawrence education teaches you that you have the right and duty to be what some people would call a troublemaker—that is, an independent, intelligent, curious person who wants to find his or her own solutions to things."

Meredith Monk, Composer and Choreographer

"The task of the College is to teach liberalism—not the philosophy of an ethnocentric, middle-class, nationalist, Western, white man’s ethic, but liberalism conceived as a classless philosophy, which draws individual human beings closer together, teaches a concern for the welfare of all social groups and all countries, and judges the value of acts and societies by the effect they have upon enrichment of individual human lives."
Harold Taylor, President of Sarah Lawrence, 19451959

"I fell in love, fell into debt, and fell head over heels for [Sarah Lawrence], a nurturing and encouraging oasis that helped me fully grasp who I could be."

Miles Beller, Novelist

"The wonderful thing about Sarah Lawrence was that [...] it had been founded as a women's college with the idea that women did not need or really want, nor were they properly served by, a spin-off on the male curriculum or the model of a male college. So the idea was that we should follow the interests of the students. [...] You have to have men and women of considerable sophistication to follow a student's lead and to be able to carry that person into the mainstream of the humanities out of his or her own impulse. That we did. Very soon the creative arts faculties built up. In those days, in the men's universities, if you wanted to study art, you studied the history of art. Here we had studios. And the dance: Martha Graham teaching dance at Sarah Lawrence! I mean, this is what we had, a marvelous school."

Joseph Campbell, mythographer

"Sarah Lawrence College is a distinctive and noble institution of higher education learning. It is built around a model of teaching centered on the growth of the student, while encouraging lifetime learning for faculty as well. In its chosen method, it sets a standard of excellence. That Sarah Lawrence College thrives in the future is vital not merely for a generation of students, but for all of American education."

From the 1997 Report of the Evaluation Team from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools

Aggreements? DIsagreements? Any other alums going crazy with nostalgia?
(Anonymous) on April 18th, 2008 01:39 pm (UTC)
Sorry to have to say this
I don't mean to burst your bubble, but Sarah Lawrence faculty are desperately, insultingly underpaid. The cost of living far exceeds what the College has decided we are worth. We of the faculty are increasingly feeling as if we are part of an exploitative institution-one that demands every sacrifice and silences those who would ask for a decent, living wage for our tremendous efforts in classes and conferences. Recently the Board of Trustees met to deal with the inability of the school to recruit and retain junior faculty, and to redress the breathtaking disparity between SLC faculty salaries and those of schools in our peer group. Their response: a mere 1% increase in the modest incremental raise, and a mere $1,000 addition to the modest salary bump after tenure.